Because in Australia we break the rules to help out strangers.

So… Yesterday I went book shopping after getting my first pay. When we first got to Dymocks (the book store) I started talking to the guy at the special orders desk about whether they had a book and/or how much it would cost to get it in and how long it would take. We ended up talking for like 20 minutes about nothing really and just joking around. When it came time to pay my books came to $52.99 and I only knew for certain that I had fifty-something dollars. We went to the special orders desk to pay so I wouldn’t be embarrassed if my card was declined. It was. I went to put one of my books back and he stopped me and told me he had an idea. He clicked a few buttons and told one of his colleagues that one of my books was damaged and gave a wink. It wasn’t damaged. He put it all through again and says to me, “that’ll be $49 thanks.”
Ladies and gents; don’t ever underestimate the kindness of a fellow book lover and Aussie!

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